The STEM Inclusion Study involves two phases:


Phase 1: Surveys of STEM Professional Organization Members [in progress]

Our principal investigators will conduct a web-based survey of random samples of members of STEM-related professional organizations. The survey asks about job and educational background, workplace experiences, and perspectives on respondents’ discipline.  The survey is completely anonymous and voluntary. 

By comparing responses across demographic groups, our research team will be able to systematically identify areas (e.g., informal interactions with colleagues) that undermine the full inclusion of women, racial/ethnic minorities, LGBTQ persons, and disabled individuals.  The survey will be programmed and hosted by the Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research—one of the top survey research centers in the world. 



Expected number of professional organizations included in the study


Expected survey sample size across all professional organizations

Phase 2: Interviews with Selected Survey Participants 

At the end of the survey, participants will have the opportunity to volunteer to participate in an in-depth interview with one of our research team members.  Among those who volunteer, we will invite a random sample to participate in a 60-minute interview. The interviews will provide the depth and nuance needed to more fully understand variations in patterns of disadvantage and forms of resistance.



Expected interview sample size